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About Us

The "us" is all of the people who have taken all the time, effort, photographs, and have provided information to help make this website informative for you, the person reading this. Without their help, this website would not be possible. All of us owe these folks a big thank you.

Me, I've been doing this project and research because I have the time and interest to do so. That interest includes the joy of researching American history and preserving what I can before it's all lost in time. I was retired before my time and feel a responsibility to contribute something worthwhile that benefits folks with a similar interest in the M1 Carbine(s) and recreational shooting. For a number of years I have read and listened to many folks ask questions about the M1 Carbines and noticed very few people have taken the time to research and share information on certain M1 Carbines. The commercially manufactured carbines are one group. The M1 carbines used during WWII that were provided to nations during the post war occupation period are another (have a look at this website's sister website at BavarianM1Carbines.com). So, here we are.

Notice their are no advertisements on this website. Also notice there is nothing for sale here. Whatever links exist to people or companies that sell anything, exist only because they have what many carbine owners are looking for and can't find. If I find more than one source, or it's brought to my attention, and I think the resource is honest and somewhat reasonable (rare comes at a price, but has limits), I include up to two or three sources. Competition for your business is a good thing for all of us. I am aligned with no business. I think it is worthwhile to assist those who wish to sell something carbine related that are honest, as it opens the opportunities for obtaining more information and assistance for this website and therefore all of us. Personal financial gain is not the goal or interest here. Documenting, preserving, and sharing history, is.

I do not wish to play favorites. Some of the things you read on this website inevitably make some people feel various degrees short of warm and fuzzy. History can do that, and I don't reword it to cover up or hide anything.

A Note About the Accuracy of the Information on this Website

If Larry, Moe, and Knarley Joe witness the same event inevitably all three will offer a different recollection of that event. Varying perceptions and perspectives are part of being human. If Larry authors a book about the event, John Q. Public often promotes Larry to the status of more of an expert than Moe and Joe. Inevitably other authors will quote Larry's book, then other authors will quote those books. Because these books list their sources it is often automatically assumed the authors are good researchers and their sources are accurate. This is how we end up with history books presenting one perspective and one person's perception as if it's a collective assessment of the original event. What happens if Larry inadvertently and honestly made a mistake? If you spend some time contemplating this situation it's not difficult to question the accuracy of everything that has ever been written. Keep this in mind whenever you read anything, including this website.

Since my background is relevant as to the research I do and what you read on this website, I feel I need to include a little of it here. I have been involved in law enforcement investigations for over 34 years. These years include years of working CSI, major narcotics violators, organized crime, and best of all, many years as a street cop. Add a few years as a sergeant. I am retired from law enforcement, but not investigations. The past 18 years I've researched genealogy for a group of researchers and specialized in adoption searches (please don't ask). I'm currently a licensed private investigator and conduct research and investigations for several major corporations and two professional sports teams.

The stories of Larry, Moe, and Knarley Joe are three perspectives and perceptions that share a common theme. That theme is something to corroborate with historical documents, the work of authors, government records, and many other resources. Finding Larry, Moe, Knarley Joe, their living siblings and/or descendants, and these other resources, is something I've been doing a long time. I have no college degree.

All of this said, I am human and as hard as I try not too, I make mistakes. If you find one, please contact me and bring it to my attention. The volume of work involved in doing this research and sharing it is substantial. I do it because I enjoy it. I make no money from it. I do not like the word "expert". My experience has been there are far too many experts and not enough masters. I am neither. The more I learn, the more I realize just how much I don't know.

This website does not contain a long list of sources for the information herein. Many sources are indicated throughout the website, however, I don't want to clutter it with references whose accuracy I cannot personally verify. Enjoy what you read here but realize it's the effort of humans. Conflicting information is routine, it's the theme they share that usually provides a clue to what really happened.