Bullseye Gun Works

Post WWII Commercially Manufactured M1 Carbines (U.S.A.)

Bullseye Gun Works
Miami, Florida


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Example #3

Bullseye S/N 1431

This example is almost identical to example #2, with the exception the Bullseye name is not present on this carbine.


[Bullseye name absent]

Example #4

Bullseye S/N 1627

This Bullseye name is back.


Bullseye's Final Months

The next two examples have higher serial numbers than the previous examples. Notice the flat area on top of the receiver both in front and behind the rear sight platform. Both also have the plug in the rear of the receiver as used by AMPCO during their first production. That they appear towards the end of Bullseye's production suggests they were purchased from AMPCO under a contract with Bullseye during AMPCO's first carbine receiver production and withheld from use by Bullseye until their machinery had been relocated to Universal Firearms new facility in Hialeah, FL.

Bullseye S/N 2027

Bullseye S/N 2308

This carbine is a bit unique. The stock was manufactured by Winchester during WWII. It has the Winchester cartouche and crossed cannons on the right side of the stock. Above these are the initials F.J.S., below the Winchester markings is the date 1962. The seller of this carbine stated to the buyer it was given to him by his father, who had worked at or with Bullseye Gun Works. The initials may stand for a member of the Seiderman family, or the Sommerstein family who became the investors who funded the start of Universal carbines.

The Sommerstein brothers were the investors Abe Seiderman had sought to start a full production line of manufacturing M1 Carbines resulting in the birth of Universal Firearms. The first Universal carbines are believed to have been manufactured between March and May of 1962. The first advertisement for carbines manufactured by Universal appears in Shotgun News in July 1962. Refer to the pages devoted to Universal Firearms for further information on their company and carbines.

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