Liberty Armory

Post WWII Commercially Manufactured M1 Carbines (U.S.A.)

Liberty Armory
Liberty, Texas


    Time Span:
    Quantity Produced:
    less than 100
    .30 Carbine, .22 Spitfire (5.77mm Johnson)
    Serial Numbers:



Liberty Armory was a restoration business owned and operated by Larry Horner in Liberty, TX. Horner was a collector and gunsmith specializing in .30 caliber carbines who was a long time member of The Carbine Club and well known for his knowledge and experience. During the summer of 1994 Horner filmed an overview of his restoration operation that can be viewed on YouTube HERE.

In 1995 Horner was contracted by the owners of Firearms International in Houston for the assembly of new commercially manufactured M1 Carbines. He indicated production was slow and sporadic the first couple years as the owners of Firearms International contracted the manufacturers for the various parts for not only their M1 Carbines but also other guns they intended on selling. Horner's involvement was with the carbines only.

Horner continued work for them when they eventually changed the name of their company to Israel Arms International then iai America Legends.

The Liberty Armory .30 caliber Carbines

After the demise of iai American Legends in 2003, Horner was provided with a number of leftover receivers and parts in lieu of some of the money he was owed. He finished assembly of at least some of these carbines. The receivers, parts, and barrels used with these were those made for the iai American Legends carbines. Most retained their original iai serial numbers and iai markings. The Liberty Armory name was added to the left side of the receiver.

The serial numbers of the iai marked carbines with the Liberty Armory name
observed so far have ranged from M888-R204600 through M888-R208025.

These included a number of carbines chambered for the
5.7mm Johnson cartridge iai had marketed as the .22 Spitfire.

Gifts & Presentations

Horner customized and assembled a number of carbines that were gifted or sold to people who had helped him. Their receivers, barrels, and parts were absent iai markings and serial numbers. Receivers had the name of Liberty Armory with their own serial numbers.

Larry Ruth, author of the War Baby! series on the .30 cal. carbines, received serial number EXP 01 for his technical assistance.

Markings and serial numbers of the gift/presentation carbines with the Liberty Armory name varied as most were
either custom made, experimental carbines that were gifted, or left over at the end of Horner's production.

Demise of Liberty Armory

Unfortunately, Larry Horner passed away unexpectedly from a medical condition in June 2005.

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