Action Legends Manufacturing

Post WWII Commercially Manufactured M1 Carbines (U.S.A.)

Action Legends Manufacturing
(ALM Inc.)

Houston, Texas


Prelude - IAI & Time Precision/Precision Arms Inc.

From 1996 through the end of 2001 Israel Arms International manufactured M1 Carbines and other firearms which they sold from their location in Houston, TX. In January 2002 iai American Legends was formed and took over all of the operations previously done under the Israel Arms International name. The name change was not a change in ownership, both companies were owned and operated by Richard Nahman and Ben Shney and collectively the owners and companies are known as IAI.

Time Precision of New Milford, CT had been contracted by IAI/iai to drill the deep hole in their carbine receivers for the recoil spring and recoil spring guide. As simple as the operation may sound, since the M1 Carbine was invented in 1941 this hole has been a significant challenge requiring special machinery. Time Precision received the receivers from the metal foundries that cast them for IAI (Ecrimesa in Santander, Spain and eventually Lamothermic Corporation in Brewster, NY). After drilling the deep hole the receivers were forwarded on to IAI/iai in Houston. At some point IAI/iai also contracted Time Precision to assemble their carbines and sometimes ship them direct to distributors.

Arthur Cocchia, owner and master machinist of Time Precision, related Ben Shney was his point of contact at IAI. Cocchia could not recall exactly when Shney introduced him to Mollie Cravey, but she was introduced as a new investor in IAI who would also be selling the IAI carbines retail. Within 3 months after Cocchia was introduced to Cravey, Cravey advised Cocchia that IAI and Shney were no longer in business.

Israel Arms International, iai American Legends, Nahman and Shney filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in August 2003. Assets in their possession were later auctioned by the court trustee. Numrich Gun Parts purchased a large quantity of these parts and receivers, later offering them for sale on the Numrich website. When IAI/iai declared bankruptcy the parts and receivers in the possession of the various companies who had been contracted by IAI/iai to manufacture/machine these items became the property of these various companies. This included Time Precision. In addition to the IAI/iai receivers and parts on hand, over time Time Precision acquired carbine receivers and parts wherever they could get them. This included Numrich Gun Parts and newly manufactured from Lamothermic Corporation.

Shotgun News
December 1, 2003

Action Legends Manufacturing

Texas corporate records indicate Action Legends Manufacturing, Inc. (ALM) was incorporated at 1200 Blalock, Suite 107, Houston, TX 77055 on August 6, 2004 by Mollie Cravey (surname later changed to D'Spain). The location is a small retail storefront in a corner strip mall off Interstate 10 in West Houston. Circa 2003-2005 ALM was the sole U.S.A. distributor for Frontline Holsters manufactured in and imported from Israel. ALM also sold Frontline Holsters retail from their Blalock location. ALM was located approximately 1.2 miles due west of iai American Legends 1085 Gessner Rd, Suite F, in Houston, TX.

ALM obtained and maintained a retail website,, from 2004 thru 2006. Internet archives dated December 24, 2005 showed they had copied almost verbatim the carbine details from the previous website of IAI.

After the demise of IAI, Time Precision was contacted by Mollie Cravey to assemble M1 Carbines for ALM. Using surplus parts he had on hand, Cocchia assembled several dozen ALM carbines and shipped them to Cravey at ALM in Houston. Cravey had misunderstood the costs involved and canceled all further production. This left Time Precision with a number of receivers with the ALM Inc. markings.

As late as March 2005 an IAI carbine was purchased at ALM's location on Blalock in Houston. The receiver was marked iai Houston, TX and the caliber indicated as .22 Carbine (5.7mm Johnson). The barrel was bored and chambered for the .30 caliber carbine cartridge. The only difference between the .22 Carbine and .30 Carbine receivers are the markings that indicate the caliber, as required by the 1968 Gun Control Act. This would not have been assembled by Time Precision as they ensured the caliber imprinted on the receiver matched the caliber of the firearm.

The time span between Shney and IAI filing for bankruptcy (Aug 2003) and the formation of ALM (Aug 2004) are not consistent with the time span of the transition from IAI to ALM experienced by Time Precision. It is not clear when IAI surrendered it's manufacturer's license to ATF. In May 2004 Shney and Nahman entered a guilty plea in Federal Court in Houston involving the illegal importation of one thousand 1911 receivers. In June 2004 Shney surrendered his Israel passport to the court. Sentencing occurred in July 2006. It's possible IAI and Shney retained their manufacturers license until May or June 2004, which would be more consistent with the time frame experienced by Time Precision. If this is the case Shney may have been using Mollie Cravey with the IAI manufacturers license while well into his bankruptcy proceedings. Time Precision, Cravey, nor ALM are mentioned in the bankruptcy records, though all were owed money by Shney. For further information on the carbines sold by IAI/iai refer to their pages on this website.

Demise of ALM, Inc.

Texas corporate records indicate Action Arms International "closed it's doors in December 2007". They closed the Blalock retail location in 2006 and corporate addresses thereafter were either a post office box or a residence address. Although they had discontinued their intended carbine assembly and sales almost as fast as it was started, it appears they continued operating as the sole U.S. distributor for Frontline Holsters through the end of 2007. As of 2012, The MAKO Group of Farmingdale, NY is the sole U.S. distributor for Frontline Holsters.

The ALM Inc. M1 Carbines

These carbines were assembled from surplus parts obtained from various suppliers, using receivers cast by Lamothermic Corporation in Brewster, NY. Total production was several dozen according to Time Precision.

The example below was in the possession of Time Precision after the demise of ALM. The iai markings had been removed and replaced with the ALM markings. The IAI/iai model "M888-" that preceded the IAI/iai serial number is still visible. The rest of the serial number has been removed to the degree it is illegible. This receiver was not shipped to ALM Inc. so the serial number was not replaced with an ALM serial number.