Crosman M1 Carbine

Post WWII Commercially Manufactured M1 Carbines (U.S.A.)

Crosman Air Guns
Fairport, New York

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The Crosman Rifle Company was founded by the Crosman Brothers in June 1923 and changed names to Crosman Arms Co. in 1925, then later changed names to Crosman Air Guns. Crosman has been, and still is, a prolific manufacturer of a large variety of air guns.

The Crosman Model M-1 Carbine was first manufactured in 1966. The model had a wood stock and continued production through 1967. In 1967 Crosman replaced the wooden stock with a plastic stock that simulated a wood finish (the one depicted here). Shortly after Crosman also offered a darker plastic stock. The stocks did not have a slingwell for an oiler and sling. Care should be exercised to preserve the plastic stock, which can break if not protected. Storing the rifle in a protective case is recommended.

The action was operated by pushing the entire barrel straight back into the receiver area, which cocked the rifle. Wear to the bluing on forward half of the barrel is common from repeatedly handling of the barrel to operate the action. The barrel has a smooth bore. The rifle utilized a .175 caliber BB.

The safety and magazine release simulated those of the original M1 carbine but were fixed in place and not operational.

To load the BB's into the rifle, the slide handle is pulled slightly to the rear. This opens the forward of two holes in the handguard.

The reservoir in the handguard holds twenty-two BB's.

Moving the slide back into the forward position closes the hole. The rifle is ready to be fired.

The serial number is located on the right side of the rear sight.

The magazine is used to store extra BB's and has a capacity of 180. The magazine sometimes is lost. A replacement magazine can cost as much as the entire rifle as the magazine and parts are no longer manufactured and not readily available.

The magazine is inserted into the rifle by tilting the front of the magazine upwards and sliding it forward into the magazine hole. The rear of the magazine is then pushed upwards and back, where it engages a latch to hold it in place.

A spring inside the magazine hole provides tension to the magazine to hold it in place. To remove the magazine, simple push up and forward on the magazine to disengage the latch. Tilt the rear of the magazine down and out of the magazine well, removing the magazine.

Crosman M1 Owner's Manual (7.3MB pdf file)

Crosman M1 Factory Service Manual (2MB pdf file)