Ermas Firearms Manufacturing

Post WWII Commercially Manufactured M1 Carbines (U.S.A.)

Steelville, Missouri

circa 1962-1965



If you own or plan on shooting one of these carbines, it is safety imperative you read the last section on page 2 regarding Known Issues with the receivers used by Erma's Firearms Manufacturing.

The Company

Often confused with ERMA Werke of Dachau, Bavaria, these carbines were manufactured by Erma's Firearms Manufacturing Co., Inc. of Steelville, MO. Missouri corporate records show Erma's Firearms Manufacturing Co. incorporated July 10, 1959 as a firearms manufacturer. The stock holders and founders were Harold D. Tucker, Raymond K. McConnell, and Arthur E. Pursley. Tucker was the majority stock holder.

Harold D. Tucker was born June 27, 1928, the son of Tom and Ora Tucker. He married Erma J. McClain. Tucker named the company after his wife. Tucker passed away May 7, 2010. Both are buried together in Saint Trinity Cemetery, Lemay, St. Louis County Missouri.

Erma's Manufacturing was named after the wife of majority stock holder, Harold D. Tucker Sr.

The earliest advertisement located, so far, appears in Shotgun News in April 1962, as a small "Wanted" advertisement.

Shotgun News April 15, 1962

By June 1962 Erma's Manufacturing was offering complete M1 Carbines for sale.

Shotgun News August 15, 1962

By September 1, 1962 Erma's Manufacturing was also offering a sporterized carbine for sale.

Shotgun News September 1, 1962

Receivers & Markings

Serial Number 97

The purpose of this number is unknown

Serial Number 209

Serial Number 1387

The highest serial number on all Erma's carbines recorded to date is 5923. The lowest so far is 1.

Receiver Finish

The outside of most Erma's receivers and parts have been polished to a shiny blue that's highly reflective. Internal surfaces were not polished to this type of finish.

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