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Post WWII Commercially Manufactured M1 Carbines (U.S.A.)

Global Arms

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In War Baby Comes Home p. 729 Larry Ruth reports having received information on three carbines with the receiver marked Global Arms, with a three digit serial number. Two had barrels marked MOCO (Millville Ordnance), one had a GI barrel. The receiver area behind the rear sight, where the Global Arms marking appears, is a flat surface, versus the normal rounded surface. Ruth indicates nothing is known about this company.

MOCO (Millville Ordnance Company) was located in Union, NJ 1960-1962. They sold their own M1 carbines with the MOCO name on the receiver and barrel. They also sold receivers, barrels, and barreled receivers. The MOCO receivers are not the same receivers used by Global Arms. MOCO barrels were no longer manufactured or sold after 1962.

All of the Global Arms receivers located so far have the initials AMC on the bottom in front of the lug the trigger housing pins too (see below). These letters and the flat area on to of the receivers identify them as having been made circa 1961 by Advance Metal Products, Inc. of Miami, FL, also known as AMPCO. AMPCO was a machine shop contracted by Bullseye Gun Works to machine their first receivers. The receivers received by Bullseye were initially not used, they opted to start their own machine shop instead. They used the AMPCO receivers when their operation was closed and relocated to Universal Firearms. AMPCO likely machined the remaining receivers after Bullseye elected not to order anymore. They may have sold them under the name of Global Arms, or they may have sold them to another company or individual who assembled carbines with the AMPCO receiver, MOCO barrel, and surplus GI parts. Refer to the pages on AMPCO, Bullseye, and Universal Firearms for further details on those companies and the carbines they made.

The lowest Global Arms receiver serial number found so far is 168, the highest is 338.

The Receiver

The flat area behind the rear sight is a very unique feature on these receivers. The only other receivers with a flat surface in this area were those with the AMPCO name, and can be observed on the page devoted to AMPCO. Another unique feature on the Global Arms receivers are the manner in which the company name was placed into the metal. Normally this information is stamped. In this case the name has been roughly cut into the receiver.

The following photographs have been provided courtesy of Larry Ruth

Bottom of receiver, letters forward of the front lug for the trigger housing

Companies that have been ruled out

The importer/exporter SAMCO incorporated in Florida September 1980 at 6995 N.W. 43rd St, Miami, FL 33166. The owner was Ghulam Dossul. In December 1987 the company changed it's name to SAMCO Global Arms. The company is no longer in business. Prior, contact was made with the owner by Larry Ruth (author War Baby!) and it was determined this company did not produce the Global Arms M1 carbine.

In the April 1962 issue of The American Rifleman there appears an advertisement for an M1 carbine by Globe Firearms, a Division of Revere Supply Company, Inc. located at 30 Front St., New York, NY. Globe Firearms Ltd was incorporated in Canada in April 1952. They were located in Ontario until late 1958 when they moved across the lake to Ogdensburg, NY using the name Globe Firearms Company. Many people know this company from the volume of Enfield's and Springfield 1903's they built on commercially manufactured receivers. It is not known if Globe Firearms of Canada assembled their rifles themselves, or bought them already assembled.

By July 1960 Globe Firearms had relocated to 30 Front St. in New York City and was indicated as a division of Revere Supply Company. Revere Supply Company is a family owned and operated company that manufactured various items for the U.S. military during WWII while based in New York State. Revere Supply was best known as Kaufman Surplus & Arms, with three retail stores in New York City in the 1960's.

The rifles sold by Globe Firearms after it was acquired by the Kaufman family were surplus military rifles and "sporterized" versions made from surplus military parts and commercially produced receivers. The below advertisement is from The American Rifleman issue of July 1962.

Globe Firearms, not Global Arms

The M1 carbine depicted in all of the Globe Firearms and Kaufman Surplus advertisements is the Universal Firearms M1 carbine. They also sold carbines manufactured by National Ordnance. The M1 Garand and Springfield 1903 rifles sold by Globe Firearms and Kaufman Surplus were obtained from the Santa Fe Division of Golden State Arms in Pasadena, California and National Ordnance. For further information on Golden State Arms and their Santa Fe Division, refer to the page on Santa Fe. For further on National Ordnance refer to their web page. Globe Firearms ceased doing business in the late 1960's. Revere Supply is still in business and located in Florida.