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U.S. law requires rifles to have a barrel length of no less than 16 inches and overall length of no less than 26 inches. The "Enforcer" model carbines fall short of both length requirements, making them pistols under both state and federal law. Because carbines (rifles) chambered for the .30 cal. carbine cartridge use the same receivers as the Enforcer models, all of which were .30 caliber carbine, the Enforcer model receivers must be identified/marked by the manufacturer as pistol receivers. Using a carbine receiver to construct a home made Enforcer makes it a "short-barreled rifle" and a felony to manufacture or possess without the licenses to do so from ATF.

The first "Enforcer" model carbines were introduced by Universal Firearms during the summer of 1963. They are marked with the word Enforcer on top of the receiver. Plainfield Machine introduced their "Super Enforcer" model in 1977. Although these carbine pistols bear the name of Plainfield Machine, they were introduced after Plainfield Machine's carbine assets were acquired by Louis Imperato in 1977 who changed the company name to Iver Johnson's Arms in 1978. The early Iver Johnson Enforcers and all of the Plainfield Machine Enforcers are designated as such by the marking PP-30 on top of the receiver ring.

With the change of the company name in 1978 Iver Johnson's Arms began all serial numbers with a two letter prefix. The prefixes assigned to the Super Enforcer models produced by Iver Johnson's Arms, throughout production, were specific to the Enforcer models. The PP-30 designation was no longer used on their receivers after about the first year of production.

Legal issues aside, the only physical difference between the carbine (rifle) and the Super Enforcer (pistol) were the barrel, barrel band, stock and handguard.

Super Enforcer Model
Serial Number Prefixes
BAblued steel
BSstainless steel
EAAblued steel
EFblued steel

Super Enforcer
Semi-Automatic Pistol
Caliber: .30 carbine
Barrel Length*: 9 1/2 inches10 1/4 inches
Overall Length: 17 inches18 3/8 inches
Weight: 4 lbs4 lbs
Stock: American Walnut
Sights: blade front, adjustable rear
Finish: blued (1978-1991) or stainless steel (1978-1983)
Approx Qty Mfg5800 blued
  350 stainless
800 blued
    0 stainless

* A note about barrel length. Iver Johnson brochures for New Jersey in 1982 and 1983 and Arkansas for 1984 and 1985 indicate the Super Enforcer barrel length as 9.5 inches. The one exception is the Arkansas multi-language brochure for 1983 which indicates the barrel length as 9". As you'll see below, the barrel length was obviously lengthened after the move to Arkansas. The measurements above were obtained by measuring Super Enforcers, not from the marketing and sales material.

Middlesex, New Jersey (1978-1983)

As indicated above, the first Super Enforcer carried the name of Plainfield Machine in 1977 and into 1978 then was continued under the name of Iver Johnson's. The barrel length of the Super Enforcers produced in New Jersey was 9.5".

Iver Johnson's Super Enforcer ventilated metal handguards were 7" in length. The Iver Johnson M1 Carbine (rifle) ventilated metal handguard was 8 3/8" in length, the standard length for the GI M1 Carbine handguards.

Iver Johnson's Arms Super Enforcer Ventilated Handguard
Oval holes with 9 in each row, upper rows offset forward.

Iver Johnson's Arms M1 Carbine Ventilated Handguard
Oval holes with 12 in each row, upper rows offset forward. Same as Plainfield Machine Handguards.

All of the Super Enforcer models throughout production utilized a unique barrel band that had been used by the custom stock maker Fajen since the early 1960's on several models of their M1 Carbine stocks. The band was inset into the stock and held in place with a bolt threaded on one end to engage threads in the band, and with a sling swivel stud larger than the hole in the stock at the other end. Iver Johnson simply added an upright blade to the top of the band and inset it slightly farther forward than Fajen.

M1 Carbine Barrel Band used by custom stock maker Fajen,
later adopted and modified for use with the Super Enforcer by Iver Johnson's Arms

Jacksonville, AR (1983-1986)

Among the assets of Iver Johnson of Middlesex, NJ moved to Jacksonville, AR in 1983 were M1 Carbines and Super Enforcers in various degrees of completion, along with many parts. Super Enforcers having full serial numbers beginning with BA or BS prefixes were completed and sold. The first Super Enforcers built in Arkansas were built using New Jersey marked M1 Carbine receivers having the AA prefix but absent the serial number. These were receivers that had not yet been completely finished when received in Arkansas. The letter E was added to comply with the laws that separate shortened rifles from pistols, making the prefix EAA. The serial numbers added were within the AA prefix series used by Iver Johnson in Jacksonville, AR in 1983 and early 1984. Those observed to date have had serial numbers in the EAA62800-EAA63700 range. As new receivers were made the Super Enforcer prefix was changed to EF.

Arkansas used up the excess barrels they received from New Jersey then lengthened the barrels an 3/4". New stocks for the Super Enforcers included finger grooves in the handgrip.

Jacksonville, AR (1985-1986)

Universal Enforcer Model 3000

The Universal Firearms Enforcer model was manufactured and sold from the summer of 1963 through 1984 at their facility in Hialeah, FL. When the assets of Universal were relocated to the Iver Johnson facility in Jacksonville, AR the Universal Enforcer was offered 1985-1986. The Universal Enforcer was significantly different than the Super Enforcer made by Iver Johnson. The stock and barrel bands were not interchangeable between the two.

The Universal Firearms Enforcer 3000 ventilated metal handguard was 7" in length. The barrel band slipped over the end of the barrel and was held in place by a set screw. The barrel was 11.5 inches in length.

Universal Firearms Ventilated Handguard
Oval holes with 11 aligned vertically in top and bottom rows with 12 in the center row extending it out at either end.

Universal Firearms Enforcer Barrel Band

For further information on the Enforcers manufactured and sold under the name of Universal Firearms please refer to the web pages devoted to Universal Firearms.

Jacksonville, AR (1987-1991)

Super Enforcers manufactured after the change of owners and company name to AMAC in 1987 were a continuation of the Super Enforcers with the EF prefix. The name and logo on the receiver was changed to AMAC.