Tri-State Tool & Die

Post WWII Commercially Manufactured M1 Carbines (U.S.A.)

Tri-State Tool & Die

Frostburg, Maryland
Roxbury, Pennsylvania



Tri-State Tool & Die ran a series of advertisements in various gun magazines in the early and mid 1960's for M1 carbine barrels and surplus GI parts. The ads did not provide an address. Some indicated Frostburg, MD. Others indicated a post office box in Roxbury, PA. Pennsylvania and Maryland do not list this company in their corporate records.

Shotgun News June 15, 1964

Information received by Larry Ruth, author of War Baby Comes Home, indicated Tri-State manufactured over 100 carbines, using
surplus GI parts on rewelded scrap GI receivers. The above ad clearly indicates Tri-State was selling receivers and barreled receivers.

Nothing more is known, so far, regarding Tri-State's carbines or the markings they used.