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The companies listed below link to a web page specific to that company. I have not limited these companies to the ones who made .30 caliber carbines, though most manufactured their rifles in this caliber. The companies that manufactured M1 carbine look-a-likes as air rifles, .22 long rifle, .22 Magnum, .256 Winchester Magnum, and 5.7mm Johnson are included. If a rifle was/is made to look like a U.S. GI M1 carbine, it qualifies. Some of the air rifles and .22's were made for training purposes for the military or police of other nations, then became available commercially.

Many of these companies sold parts, receivers, and barrels individually. Some of the commercial carbines that are encountered are a conglomeration of parts from more than one manufacturer, often including original GI parts.


This website has been made possible by the assistance of many carbine owners who have stepped forward to help present this information for you.

War Baby Comes Home by Larry Ruth has a chapter devoted to the commercial carbine manufacturers. He is the only person who has attempted to tackle this subject on a large scale, and was doing this while many of the companies were still in business. His book include interviews with employees and/or management of some of the companies. I highly recommend War Baby and War Baby Comes Home to anyone interested in M1 carbines.

If I use anything from Ruth's work here, I say so. The majority of my work has built on what Ruth has done. I prefer to use Ruth's information when it is needed to clarify something or make significant connections, without plagiarizing it and without using it alone. I am in contact with Ruth and share/compare with him. The idea is to cooperate and brainstorm for the purpose of understanding and documenting the history of the commercial carbines, something Ruth has been doing far longer than me.

The Companies

This project is ongoing over time.

CompanyLink Carbine YearsCalibers

ALM, Inc.
Houston, TX

2004-2005.30 carbine

Alpine Industries
Los Angeles, CA

1962-1965 .30 carbine

Jacksonville, AR

1990-1992 .30 carbine

American Historical Foundation
Richmond, VA

  1985 & ongoing customizes GI and commercial carbines made by others

Miami, FL

1960 .30 carbine

Armscorp USA
Baltimore, MD

2003 .30 carbine receivers

Worcester, MA

2005-current .30 carbine

Bullseye Gun Works
Miami, FL

1960-1962 .30 carbine

Chiappa Firearms (Citadel)
Brescia, Italy

current.22 long rifle

Crosman Air Guns
Fairport, NY

1966-1976air rifles

Erma's Firearms Manufacturing Co.
Steelville, MO

1962-1964.30 carbine
(WARNING - see web pages)

Dachau, Bavaria

1966-1996.22 long rifle
.22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR)

Federal Ordnance
South El Monte, CA

.30 carbine

Firearms International (F.I.)
Houston, Texas

1995-1996.30 carbine

Fulton Armory
Savage, MD

current.30 carbine

Global Arms

1962-1966?.30 carbine

H & S

1962-1963.30 carbine

Nagoya, Japan

1960's-1980's.30 carbine

Inland Manufacturing
Dayton, OH

2015-current.30 carbine

Israel Arms International (IAI)
Houston, Texas

1996-2002.30 carbine
.22 Spitfire (5.7mm Johnson)

Iver Johnson's Arm's
Middlesex, NJ & Jacksonville, AR

1978-1992? .30 carbine
.22 long rifle, .22 Magnum Rimfire
5.7mm Johnson

Johnson Arms Inc.
New Haven, CT

1963-1967 5.7mm Johnson

Johnston-Tucker Arms Co.
St. Louis, MO

1965-1966?.30 carbine
.22 LR
.256 Winchester Magnum
.22/30 (5.7mm Johnson)

Liberty Armory
Liberty, TX

1995-2000.30 carbine
.22 Carbine (5.7mm Johnson)

Mannlicher Sporting
(unk location)

unknown.30 carbine

Millville Ordnance Co.
Union, NJ

1962 .30 carbine

National Ordnance
Azusa, CA
South El Monte, CA

1960-1974 .30 carbine

Atlanta, Georgia

1981?.30 carbine

Plainfield Machine Co.
Dunellen, NJ

1962-1978.30 carbine
.22 Carbine (5.7mm Johnson)

Rock Island Armory Inc.
Colona & Geneseo, IL

1979-1983 .30 carbine receivers

Rockola Firearms
(James River Armory)
Halethorpe, MD

Pending2013-2019.30 carbine

Rowen, Becker Company, Inc.
Waterville, OH

1961-1963 .30 carbine
(WARNING - see web page)

Santa Fe Division
Golden State Arms
Pasadena, CA

1960's refer web page

Springfield Armory Inc.
Geneseo, IL

1997-2002?.30 carbine receivers

Steelville Manufacturing Co.
Steelville, MO

1965-1966.30 carbine

Texas Armament Co.
Brownwood, TX

unknown.30 carbine

Tiroler Sportwaffenfabrik und Apparatenbau GmbH
Kufstein, Austria

1960'sair rifle

Tri-State Tool & Die
Frostburg, Maryland
Roxbury, Pennsylvania

1960'srefer web page

Universal Firearms Corp.
Hialeah, FL

1962-1987.30 carbine
.256 Winchester Magnum
.44 Magnum

William's Gun Sight Co.
Davison, MI

1966 .30 carbine
An Unknownunknown.30 carbine